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INSECT PEST PRODUCTS -  Historyonics can supply all types of insect traps at competitive prices. We specialise in traps, lures and insecticides suitable for historic buildings and collections.

Consultant on Environmental and Insect Pest Control of Historic Buildings and Collections

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Insect Traps




Museum traps - standard, triangular blunder traps for general insect monitoring


Floor traps - flat, hard plastic traps supplied with two replaceable sticky inserts


Sticky inserts - for above, in packs of 10.


Clear traps - flat, transparent traps for easy monitoring. Bat proof.


AF Dem-Diamond Traps - clear plastic traps for floor or hanging. Can be used with a cardboard sticky insert and with pheromone lures.


Window Fly Traps - transparent adhesive strips to adhere to windows - good for cluster flies etc. 10 per pack


Out of Stock: Cluster Buster-A Container of desiccant dust that is attached to windows - good for cluster flies


Dermestid larva traps


Pheromone lures (sex attractants) for:




Pheromoth Traps - an all purpose pheromone trap for webbing clothes moth.


Webbing clothes moth - Tineola bisselliella (for room size areas)


Webbing clothes moth - Tineola bisselliella (for small areas)


Webbing clothes moth - 10 sticky inserts for AF Demi Diamond Traps


Case-bearing clothes moth - Tinea pelionella


Carpet beetle varied and Guernsey - Anthrenus verbascii and sarnicus


Lures for other species of insects may be available.








Constrain - a conservation tested, water-based insecticide suitable for most insecticidal treatments:




New 1 Litre


5 litre refill pack


Cypermax Plus Microemulsion concentrate


Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Strips (20 Strips)


Zero In Moth Killer Hanging Unit (2 Pack)


Bob Martin 'Clear' Aerosol insecticidal fogger for domestic use


Zero - a battery operated aerosol dispenser with pre-set times. Comes with 1 x aerosol insecticide canister


Aerosol Insecticide canister for the above (prevent Auto).


Insectosec DE - 200g Diatomaceous Earth desiccant dust puffer pack.


Insectosec DE Powder - 500ml Diatomaceous Earth desiccant Aerosol.


Insectosec DE Spray - 1L Trigger Pack - Diatomaceous Earth desiccant spray.


Available on demand – Hand lens – 10x magnification with LED light


Available on demand - Rotronic T/RH Hygrometer 5 x 4 x 1.5cms with battery, in black.


Other insecticides and insect products available on demand.

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